If anyone is interested, I've created the web layout for an art website. It's about 85-90% completed already. The rest of it require some input on my partner side as to what might or might not work.

It's an art galleria site like deviantart,pixiv,elfwood, those type of site. Nothing too special. If you can code front end and back end (it's more demanding on the back end), and is interested in partnering up with me with something like this, we'll share the site ownership 50/50.

It's no big money idea or anything, it's just a collaboration for anyone interested. Though I would like it if my partner is committed to helping me grow the site in the long run.

A good project if you enjoy coding, and have free time or if you're just interested.

contact me at greybubblegum@gmail.com or just make a post on here

Kind Regard,