Hello everyone! Let me start by introducing myself as I'm new here. My name is Scott I'm an independent programmer. I am currently 15 years old taking AP Programming and taking Computer Information Systems for half the school day. I've always been interested in computers my entire life and started making stuff at the age of 9.

Recently I've been working on a big project the project is almost fully planned out. It's called MPsolver and will literally solve all your math homework by taking a picture of the page!!! \._./ We have the concept planned out copyrighted etc. and we are now looking for developers to help out. We WILL pay! Although our payment system is different.

Payment System: We will have a max of 10 developers each getting 1% of the FINAL income profit after all fees. So for example if we make $1.5 Million of the app each developer would receive around $15,000 for 2-3 months work. Remember we still have to pay android, apple, and the government fees.

Projected Income/Downloads: Our app is projected to have 500,000+ downloads sold at $2.99

How much work? We need the developers to devote lots of time to this app as it needs to be done by September!

If you are interested in helping please either reply or add me on skype: "areuhavingfuntypingthis"

Any questions please let me know!

MPsolver CEO