This is a profit split project.

PM me for more details but here are a few:

I have a music and sound designer on board, he was originally slated to do the programming as well but had to reduce his role. Thus this post.

The art, which I will be handling, will be evocative of 16 bit console games, specifically RPGs such as Landstalker and the SNES installment of the Zelda series. There will be minimal animation, and little in the way of interaction between in game sprites.

The game will live and die by elegant integration with the camera hardware. This is essential.

The marketing concept is unique, and follows a high profit per unit model rather than the typical high volume low margin app approach.

The current plan calls for building interest in the project via various forums, then launching a Kickstarter project. At this stage all that would be needed would be a non-playable tech demo. Programming the game itself wouldn't happen unless the crowd funding is a success.