I started developing a unique and non-touched idea in the skill gaming niche about 2 years ago. I got as far as the website design, logo, and a lot of front end stuff that never got completely finished.

Anyway, my idea will go viral with the marketing campaign I will be putting in. I had an investor for right around $10,000 but eventually backed out because of financial issues. I am not on the look for another investor for roughly, 5k-10k to properly launch this website and get the results we need to profit and go viral.

I am projecting this project to bring in literally $xxx,xxx every month. It is one of a kind and will eventually be top of the skill gaming market.

I am looking for a few guys that have years of experience in most coding languages and that have a backround for something similar to the skill gaming niche.

Here is what I am looking for:

1. Website Designer & Developer
2. Application, Software, Security Coder/Developer
3. Skill Game Designer & Developer - ActionScript/ Flash


I am a marketer myself and will handle the launch of the marketing campaigns to make this go viral. Again, I already have this thing basically 30% started but let it go due to the lack of resources and money.

PM me with what you can bring to the table, I am interested to hear your skills