Hello I'm new here and this is my first post but here we go:

The idea-
A multiplayer wild west shooter that is 2d sidescrolling and pixel graphics. The idea sprung while playing westerado by adult swim games. Id like the combat to work similar to that but re-work the game into multiplayer matches. Red dead redemtion 2d and 8bit. I have minor experience with flash but i think thats where i can start. Il still need a team to complete this project.

What I need-
-A lead developer/someone to teach me flash fully.
-A lead art designer to create the 8-bit characters/backrounds/guns and particle effects.
-A music Producer to make some kickin' 8-bit western tunes.
-Lead programer/programing team.

So if you wana hop on this project with me and possibly create a good game then reply to this!
I am also available through skype at bwgmedia

Thanks guys