I'm making this web app that can track a persons golf rounds and report back stats. The base of the functionality is already complete (I have a couple things left to do), but I'm a programmer and NOT an artist/designer. The site looks horrible, and since it's to track golf rounds it will mainly be accessed on phones and it looks even worse on phones

I'm looking for someone who would be interested in designing a better looking interface for this. Ideally it wouldn't mess up the existing logic code but just "re-skin" the site. If some tweaks need to be made that's not an issue.

I don't really plan on making any money off this. It's just something to have under my belt and something to track my golf rounds, so the ideal candidate would be someone who wants to add this to their portfolio and/or wants something to track their golf rounds too

About the app

The app itself will be mainly client side. It uses local storage to store the data on the device. I'll be using cache manifest to make it work off-line. The things I have to add yet are the ability to sync/share rounds.

There is no login at the moment and I'm not sure if I will ever add one. This data isn't very sensitive so not sure if there is a point and a login slows things down and requires internet connectivity. There are a good number of golf courses in this world that are out in the sticks and so this needs to work off-line.

Currently the first time you visit the site you are given a unique ID and that's stored in your local storage. If you want to share your round you select the rounds and select emails to send to (also in dev atm). For this part you need internet connectivity, but generally you'd do this once you are back in civilization.

When you share, the golf rounds and your ID are first sent back to the server where they are stored in a DB. A link to the page with your unique ID as a parameter is appended is created and sent to the emails. When someone visits the same app page but with an ID parameter, the DB queries the DB for the rounds of that ID and returns the data to you. The data is then stored in your local storage making it so you can now see the data along with everything else in the local storage. This is how you share data with whomever you want or between devices. Again, no id/pw required. The ID's are GUID's (globally unique values) so people aren't going to be able to really guess these and even if they do, who cares, it's golf data to an abstract person.