Hey everyone!

Rhetoric Magazine is currently hiring for a web associate position, which involve these responsibilities:

- Use HTML to make the website more interesting and user-friendly. This includes creating new pages, ensuring that language is consistent and easy-to-understand, and optimizing the website for search engines (a pre-existing knowledge of search engine optimization is preferred, but not required)

- Post previews to new article with photographs and link to the new issues at regular intervals

- Analyze other successful magazine websites for ideas to how the Rhetoric website can be improved

A little bit of HTML knowledge is great, but enthusiasm to learning is also very much valued!

Take note that as a non-profit start-up magazine, we are unable to offer monetary compensation to neither contributors nor executives. However, we can offer exposure, opportunity for learning, business experience and long, positive references whenever needed.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email me at info@rhetoricmagazine.com

You can also find out more information here: http://www.rhetoricmagazine.com/were-hiring