Hey guys my name is Sam, I'm 16 from Australia. I am currently a student at a Private High school in NSW and am currently the top of my class for computing and animation. I am a HTML and JavaScript Coder as well as a 3D modeler and currently learning Java and C++.

I am posting this thread to reach out and find help for an idea I have had for a little while and have been evolving inside my head. 'An Interactive Harry Potter RPG' now no one can doubt that Harry Potter is a massive market on the internet. HexRPG and Lumos Alliance raked in around $250,000 AUS dollars combined just in donations last year and it is increasing by the day. I am asking for a big amount of help, but the reward will be worth it.

Idea: An Interactive Harry Potter RPG, set after the battle of Hogwarts. The site includes- Economy feature (money, Items, Inventory, Lottery and Bank) Forums (a Major part of the Role Playing side to the site) Dueling Feature (Being able to use spells against another player, this idea is one that will set us apart from any other HPRPG on the internet) API system (Easier system for House Point submissions and Application Submissions) Owl Post ( A Private Message system between members) A Chat room (Really easy to do :P) (VIP and Donation System where items and other luxuries are given out, way to earn some cash) Any heaps of other little minor features that can be worked around.

Now I am looking to partner up with all kinds of Programmers and Coders. I am a little unsure on what exactly I need for a project of this size but am hoping I can find a few dedicated people willing to work with me (In the field of Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL and the other people I will need). ATM I can't promise pay but as soon as the site is done you can have a share in the money and revenue that is earned by the site.

I am also looking to collaborate another manager that has experience with a project this size and someone who will be able to help me make this become reality.

Thank you very much for reading!