Hi, I have a "great" idea about a web cloud service. It is not totally elaborated yet, but definitely good idea, about the data storing in a cloud. It approaches the database handling in new way - coder friendly. OK, I don't know magic, but if somebody tells you about Twitter's base idea, I guess you don't believe it will work.

So, who I am. I am from Hungary, I have a job at software company, my hobby is the coding. I had some games on Google Play also, under a UK publisher.

My skills: html, js, java, c#, sql, photoshop, web design, networks and a little linux. I have experiences with social and mobile monetization. English is my weakest point, although I worked in/with some multinational companies for 3 yrs.

Well I am looking for a partner, I have some expectations from you:
- good developer skill (I'm really good)
- be very creative
- native English (US/UK) - I'd like to start a Kickstarter also
- +5 yrs experience in sw/web and something little about mobile development

Of course it would be a new small project, I can't pay for your work. BTW, I have own dedicated web server with CentOS.

If you're interested in send me something creative thing what you made earlier and I see you are that, who is "compatible" with me.