I'm looking to exchange equity with a web developer on a new project. This is a how to / tutorial site for entrepreneurs and startups. I'm looking for a seasoned developer with experience in database driven sites. The equity partnership I'm offering is per platform development. Meaning I have additional platforms I would like to create for the launch of the site. An example: a video upload platform for the tutorial video database side of the website. Im offering 5-10% Equity per platform developed at a capped amount to be discussed. I'm looking for a long term coder/partner, I can go to for additional platforms and projects. Im also open to offering a fixed amount of equity if your interested in only developing the site and not seeking a long term partnership. The premium domain has been purchased and it sits with a template while under development. I will be paying the cost of custom logos and branding, unless that is one of your personal skills.

Please email me with any question.
A signed NDA is required for additional information!


Please offer a link to your previous work/portfolio

Thank you!