Hey there,

I'm looking for a front end dev with an Idea, something interesting and exciting. Someone experienced with graphic design, CSS, JS. I'm in the middle of some sort of crisis, can't come up with something that won't look pointless after a day or two for me. If you have an awesome idea and can draw a design for it - email me.

What about me? I professionally write PHP/ColdFusion/SQL apps and looking for a side project. It will be on Rails, just because I never tried to write anything serious on RoR and it looks awesome (love SASS? You got it!). And of course I'm a geek, who else would I be?

What about you? You're a professional front end wed dev who has an interesting idea and needs a coder to implement it. Or maybe you're just ambitious individual who does web dev at free time.

PM/Email me if you're interested,

- Andy