I've been working on a better version of craigslist for a few months now. I have the template, content, database and engine working. I am using Blowfish for encryption.

I know html, css, php and mysql. I am looking for a 50/50 partnership for this. It will be mostly free ads, but some will cost $1 per ad. Which people can buy credits.

I have the system working to place a free ad. There is a couple parts which I am not experienced enough to do. Such as file upload. I want to use lightbox or jquery so people can enlarge the photos, also allow 8 photos per ad instead of craigslist 4. Also a very intensive spam blocker and registering page.

It will have a way better mini forum, and also mini chatrooms local to their state or area.

Website: Contact me to see the website, don't wish to post it for the public.

Yahoo IM: myfayt84
Email: PM for it

*I am not interested in using skype.