I'm highly experienced front-end developer and I can do allthe stuff related to that by myself, and I can do some features of back-end side, but only few and I need ALOT stuff to be done.

I don't want to spoil my idea here for everyone, not even you if you don't provide me with some proof of your experience with PHP MySQL atleast.

You also have to be highly dedicated to work with the time you got in your hands, I'm very busy man in real life. Got my normal work, this project and I sponsor one handball team doing the work related to that also takes alot of my freetime. I spend allthetime I have with this project.

Site is brand new social media like nothing before. I've got alot stuff planned, I also had highly experienced back-end developer at start with me, but he never got really around with the work it was like I did 99.5% of the work and planning so I had to tell him this doesnt work. He is gaming addict and can't get focus rid of his games.

Got really REALLY RAW demo done what I will provide for you after discussion and agreement.

PM me here on forums for my other contact info.