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    want to take on ebay/paypal or just sell a simple concept to them?

    First off, I have no money and spend most of my time at work to make money to survive. Im looking for someone to invest thier time to reap the rewards later.
    There will be legal obligations such as contracts and nda when the time comes.
    Ive been in talks with some investors who are very interested in this concept but want a working model before they will invest.

    The actual site that users use is not complex at all and only needs to perform one function, in my mind.
    Here is a bit of insight, keeping in mind I cant disclose sensitive processes.

    I really wanted to buy something on ebay but had been scammed in the past so I couldnt bring myself to do it. I started thinking why people had to scam others in the various ways they do. As I was researching about scamming I discovered the tremendous amounts of disputes scams that the various pay systems get involved with when buyer or seller is unhappy (not even intentionally scammed). Very resource draining and man hour consuming.
    This is where I started thinking 'why not make it stop' and within a few hours I had a concept that had only one flaw and that was the scammers that order a product then strip a part off then want to return it saying it was wrecked or they were being scammed by seller. I have since rectified that problem and now have a concept that is fully automated. It will , in theory, stop all scams and disputes on and offline where hand to hand exchanges cant be made.

    At first I thought it would be something good to sell ebay/paypal until I realized the bigger picture that I could really capitilize on having a site where every transaction comes to for the very very simple special ingredient. Time on the site will be a matter of seconds. No goods or money ever come to or go through the site. Off line deals such as long distance classifieds etc can be brought to the site with no difference than online deals. How payment is made is irrelevant.

    Thats the easy part. The problem part is that the pay systems and shippers need to have an ' app ' I guess they say nowadays. Why would they want to do that? Well, the pay sytems will benefit tremendously by not having disputes to deal with all the time. The shippers will benefit greatly from the extra goods being exchanged because once consumers start to trust they will be more willing to look to the net for long distance shopping. Lots of people wont even think of putting credit card numbers online or even over the phone or do anything financial on a computer but the beauty of this is they dont have to and can still use the site to make a long distance buy/sell with full trust. Plus with a cut of the fee they can have an extra income stream. I am not a business man but even with a very small fee (1 dollar or less) and the only overhead is keeping a site running (which can generate ad revenue) should be able to turn some very serious profit, If it works like it should then most likely into the 100s of millions of dollars.

    I have yet to find out if this is a patentable process (i think its called) but I have looked at this from every angle --from the very simple develope it and sell it --to building an entire new pay system around it and compete with paypal, visa etc. The variations that can be implemented are many so I landed it somewhere in the middle for now

    Im sure this still leaves you with unanswered questions but telling the actual user simple process is not something im prepared to do yet.

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    If you patent the process you have to disclose every detail about it, and if it's software it has to be _really_ detailed, i.e. designed to the smallest minutia, or completely coded. Also you'll need to spend several thousand dollars on a patent attorney to get the patent. Patents are big business. For example, Microsoft paid Novell $348 million back in 2006 just to have what they termed "patent cooperation" (which really meant Novell just shared a bunch of their patents with MS). If your idea is truly unique (and you'll have to prove that), then you could be able to patent it and if you can establish its value with companies like Paypal, chances are your best move would be to simply sell the patent to them for a nice chunk of change.

    I don't think you'll find any success in being some kind of third party validator. If you had decades of experience in the financial and transaction processing industry, you might get a meeting with some mid-level execs at Paypal; without any credentials you'll get ignored.

    Anyway... I'd say your first step is you HAVE to build a working prototype, which establishes proof of concept. You can't just talk about the idea and expect people to buy into it. You have to have something built to demonstrate the idea. Do that first and then maybe something will happen down the road.


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