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    I need a website built from the Ground up

    Greetings all,

    I'm looking for a program developer to exclusively build a system architecture, user interface, database management, and alot more from the ground up for this website I'm wanting to start up.

    You see, I have this amazing idea for a website that will guarantee a massive amount of money. Unfortunately, I lack the skills to build it myself.

    Anyone who is willing to help me build this website will be the Co-Owner, just to give you a peace of mind.

    This new & innovating website is guaranteed to bring 1-5 million euros (if not more) within the 1st year that is up.

    You are not required to spend a single cent on helping me build it. I will be paying for most of all the investments & expenses out of my own pocket.

    I need your skills, time, & effort. No one else is helping me so I can definitely use a partner as well.

    All personal investments will be reimbursed fully, eventually.

    It must be built from the ground up for it to be successful. I'm highly confident in it and you will too once you see the plans for it.

    If you're interested, please send me an online portfolio with your experience, samples of your work, etc. to my email below.

    For any questions or comments, please contact me through this email: the.advert@yahoo.com

    - Ben

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    Just a little tip.

    There is a billion projects that guarantee a huge amount of money and all you have to do is make it, usually the idea comes from a person who has no knowledge of website or programming.

    That being said, you are asking for a portfolio, experience and samples of work. Who would compile all of that for you when they won't be making a penny on months of work? When no one knows what this project is about?

    Next, you're using a yahoo email, that is a big no no.

    All personal investments will be reimbursed fully, eventually.
    Key word, eventually. Could be 10 years or never.

    No one else is helping me so I can definitely use a partner as well.
    If you aren't helping with making it, how can it be a partnership?

    Don't take this offensively, I am trying to help you.

    Your two choices are this.

    A. Create a full business plan for the project.

    B. Learn HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL. At least dabble in it and learn the basics, enough to make a simple website by hand.

    Good luck!
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    I was in the same position as you about a year ago. I had an idea that I thought would flourish.

    Initially, I scoured looking for programmers, and honestly, without money, I found that there was nobody that was willing to share the passion I had for my project.

    So I started working on a business plan and learning how to code it myself. Now I'm a few months down the road with a lot of my website done by myself, and a business plan. Investors see it as a lot more interesting now that I did it myself and I have a business plan for it.

    I'm sure your idea is great, but for the idea to get to where you want it to get to, you're gonna have to be the architect. And with the internet the way it is today, you can find the answer to practically anything you need.

    Good Luck!


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