Tx for taking the time to read this message, we want to strengthen our team with a nice smart person, is this you?

Who are we?
ARTmonday is an online software supporting art professionals (galleries, collectors, ) in efficiently and effectively managing their day-to-day operations.
(www.artmonday.org). We have 3 related products: ARTmonday management system (AMS), template based website (WEB) and ipad module (APP).
Revenue is generated by yearly licence. ARTmonday have already a dozen of clients.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a talented visionary mcgyver like coder to join our team.

You would need to cope with
- PHP 5.x
- MySQL5
- Knowledge in new features of HTML5
- JavaScript and HTML, including browser differences

What would be a good plus
- Web Services
- J2SE and J2EE
- Multi-platform development & deployment

- You are a result-oriented entrepreneur.
- You are spontaneous and assertive.
- You are easy-going and reliable.
- You are willing to learn from others.
- You are accurate and well organised, yet flexible and creative.
- You have a good sense of humor.

Where we need you now
You will help debug our existing software in PHP and implementing new features.

This sounds interesting - hey but whats in it for me??
We can have a serious discussion about equity, monthly wage, combination for those interested.

Okay, thats good enough for me - so how do i apply?
Just send us a PM and we will take you trough the details, we would need to see some stuff you already have developed and know your timezone aswell.

Lets hear from you! Winners do not hesitate!

Kind regards,

Chris De Backer
ARTmonday BizzDev