Iím looking to start an internet sale site and am looking for a partner. I donít know very much about coding, and am looking for someone who can essentially run that end of the business.

I would need someone who can build a site, and then maintain it day to day; as we add/remove products from the page. The job wouldnít be just coding, as once it gets completed were going to work on promoting it.

I would ideally like to find someone who I mesh with really well and can work with long term and with on future ideas.

I live in NYC and it would be very ideal to find someone who can lives around here as well, but obviously no deal breaker.

The site is going to be start up so there wonít be compensation up front, but as I said Iím looking for a partner on this. The partner will be given an ownership stake (when we become profitable you will receive in the amount proportionate to your ownership stake.)

To get in contact with me.
My cell phone is 203-788-6969 and my name is Chris.