my background is heavy and TSQL; I am moving more towards strict C# and Java development at this point. My partner is in the midst of learning HTML/CSS and potentially Javascript (and proper implementation of JQuery).

Looking for:
What we are looking for is one or two people that can handle a few roles. Ideally I would like to have one person who is roughly (IMO) my equivalent but from a php perspective. Please see "Ideal Roles" below

Roles that need filled:
What we really need are the following roles fulfilled.
~ Pretty self explanatory
~This role would also manage meta-tags
Server Control
~ Management of:
~ Database Servers
~ Domain Controller
~ Web Servers
~ Server security analysis with regular audits and scans
~ Client side code analysis for known exploits and "holes" from client end
~ Server side code analysis (same as above but for server side languages)
~ Database analysis (same as above but database aspect)

Ideal Roles
Ideally I would like someone who, as stated, I feel is at a comparable level as I but with more php background. I would also like to have that person have more of a background WRT Server control and some security. For most projects the initial risk analysis would most likely be charged to an outside source- essentially we would want someone who can detect suspicious activity and flag it for auditing and further investigation. My partner will hopefully be moving into the Javascript/JQuery role as well; however, they are a graphic designer and coding can be intimidating at times. I myself move further each day from client side scripting and where I can do it, I would rather not- So the "ideal" person wold hopefully be able to pick up slack if my GA would need it (WRT scripts only).

SEO knowledge is a plus but since that is (for most of our projects) going to be such a small portion that can probably be a contracted out position as well. If you are knowledgeable in SEO and heavy in Javascript or php please contact as well- As I said there are one-two positions available pending what roles each person can take on.

Supplemental Information:
We are in the near future going to have servers for Database, Web server, and Domain controller- Eventually I/we would like to open up to the realm of php but I do not want to host Apache and IIS on the same servers- Unless of coarse you are comfortable and able to configure it well so that everything plays nicely.

Until we get the secondary servers there is no real need for php background. This is a start-up company getting a lot of funding and guidance from a larger (but still small Business) who has "been-there-done-that" and will be offering support and guidance along the way. There is no income! This is agreement to work and join in with a company that will work together and essentially shares offered- Please read the payment section for more details on this.

Our main target is smaller clients- ie local businesses. Expanding on that it is in our best interest to be as spread out as possible- and everyone would need to assume the responsibility of going out and finding clients.

We will have some clients to start (handed-down/grandfathered in); the income from these clients primarily supports the servers and overhead. The goal of this company is to make financial gain off of developmental charges as opposed to high servicing costs; the lower maintenance fees will keep clientele. If interested please read further in the payment section...

Work Load:
Our work load as of now is null. This has the potential to change as rapidly as mid-late February, and also has the potential to sit and wait idle longer than that. This is a Moonlight project that I am working on outside of full time and other part time projects- do not expect to feed your family off this project. It does have the potential to be a steady revenue stream and grow, but as with any start up company projected profit is roughly 4-5 years. We do have the benefit of existing hardware and clients.

Up front projects we work on will "pay" but it will be after delivery. We cannot pay up front. Yes, there is some risk involved. We will pay for work done based off of what your equity share rate with the company will be should it be offered. For the moment we do not want to offer agreements within the company until we feel the person is A) dedicated and B) trustworthy. After a period of time "payment" will move from contractual work to your ownership equity in the company.

BEFORE PM'ing ME READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do NOT send me three thousand pm's asking for work and expecting payment in the beginning- Read the sections of "Supplemental Information" (last paragraph) and "Payment" before pm'ing me. I am willing ot chat via skype or MSN as well and will provide that information to you via pm responses. Also before pm'ing me: I realize that this is a risk for anyone. We simply are at our max expenditure and cannot bend on how payment will be arranged. If the terms are unacceptable I cannot haggle- there simply is no funding available.