We’re seeking a technical partner for our project Minimall.

Minimall is a premium mobile shopping service that creates a simple and elegant shopping experience for mobile on iOS and later Android.

We strongly believe that the shopping experience available online, particularly on mobile devices, quite frankly sucks. We know we can offer a better experience by streamlining the process and adding the social features that users have come to expect from other products. P.S. We don't think shopping on Facebook is the answer.

As mobile computing moves further and further into the mainstream it presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to be the first to do mobile shopping correctly. Essentially we're all about turning the mobile shopping experience from zero, to hero. We can integrate this closely with a system for offers and discounts and more.

We are willing to give 33.33% of the business for the correct partner. Equal footing is important to us.

  • Expert programming knowledge of Objective-C [iOS development];
  • Knowledge in web development [HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery PHP, RoR, eCommerce etc];
  • Understanding of iOS development;
  • Experience in managing large scale databases;
  • Entrepreneurial mentality;
  • Passionate about technology;
  • Willing to work without immediate compensation/sleep/appreciation/human rights;
  • 18+.

Interested? Read the full description and apply at: