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    Seeking (senior web developer and avid bridge player) for website partnership

    Back Story --
    When I looked for software or websites that would allow my partner and me to practice, I found nothing that included partnership training i.e. training boards with expert commentary.

    How ironic that a partnership game has no software/web support for partnership training.

    Plans --
    I plan to develop a "pair practice" website, whose primary goal is to:
    Provide a familiar, easy-to-use website that enables bridge partnerships and "paired" individuals to practice aspects of defense and bidding (e.g., opening leads, third-hand play, slams, preempts, take-out doubles) supported by expert analysis.

    The website will not only support pairs and "paired" individuals, but will also be a (free) resource for coaches (teachers, mentors, team captains) to develop training sessions.

    The boards on the website will not be exactly like those focused on individual training. Since they will focus on pair training, the boards will contain at least one lesson for each partner e.g. opening lead and third-hand play.

    Need --
    Looking for a skilled web developer interested in partnering on this project.

    Happy to answer any questions.

    David Gelperin
    ClearSpecs Enterprises

    P.S. My bio can be found at www.LiteRM.com

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    What languages are we required to know? Php, Javascript?


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