Hi All,

I am looking for PHP/MYSQL developer to work with as a partnership.

Obviously if you know HTML, Javascript, CSS all the better and more advantageous.

My idea is to Hire you the developer and pay you for 50% of the work done. The other 50% of the work will have to be as part of a partnership (i will invest in the hosting, domain name, invest in the SEO and Promotion costs and run the site/venture and you the programmer will get 50% of the monthly profits).

What kind of person am I looking for - im looking for somebody who can code, im allowing a few months for this so even if you are a student or can only code on the weekend/evening this could probably be fine.

The site is a social based concept website/community ( I know your thinking facebook but no its not anything related to facebook clone or twitter clone).

Im looking for somebody who is able to update me on progress atleast every few days either by Skype, Email or Messenger.

Your involvement after completion

How my you are involved after launch will be up to you, you can sit back and do nothing, or you can be involved in maintenance/running.

About me
- this will not be my full time job, I already have a decent job working in IT for a global financial institution but I will invest evenings, weekends, money into this and have a few weeks vacation in december that I can dedicate to this.

I have done small/medium self funded online related ventures over the last 15 yrs with fairly good success.

Anyway PM me if your interested with abit about you, your skills, examples of work if possible , why you are interested.