I am looking for 2-3 people to help me in building a SERP Checker for a website that I own and host. The checker would be able to check the SERP for at LEAST top 100 pages of Google.com (to include European search engines and Australia), Bing.com, and Yahoo.com. This site will be setup with Word Press and the tool will be on the home page of the site. The site will be filled with tutorials and blog posts that will be scheduled to post. The site will also be optimized offsite.

My goal of this project is to create a site that will have PR3 and also rank in top 3 of SERP's for different keywords. Once this has been achieved the site will be sold.

Anybody interested in collaboration on this will expect the following:

1. To have some knowledge of Word Press and SEO.
2. To be willing to work on a timeline and collaborate through the use of Google Applications to included GMail, Google Docs, and also have US phone number or Skype.
3. Understand that the projects proceeds will be split depending on the work done on the project. This will be calculated using Google Doc's Timesheet.

If you are interested in this and have the ability to create a SERP Checker Application that will work inside of Word Press them PM me for inclusion in the project. The project will explained more upon request. For those interested please PM me. If you have questions before requesting to join the project then please leave a comment with question and it will be promptly answered.

I am very excited about this project and I project making $2000 (est) on the project. I am not worried about money, but more so being able to see the project go from start to finish. With that being said I am willing to work hard and share the majority of the profits, so don't fear working hard and not being compensated. On the matter of compensation, all payment at the completion of project will be paid in USD via a confirmed PayPal account.