Hi! My partner and I and a few others have been building up a small business model around mobile restaurant menus. It's called Menuflip! Flip through menus, find friends, share experiences, and enjoy great food.

So This is not the next big thing, there's a ton of competition, and I'm not stupid enough to claim "we'll be bigger than facebook". However we do have a solid an unique revenue model that was just proven by living socials new initiative for deal redemption.

I have a business plan, executive summary, and market analysis. I'm also good friends with a local VC firm that helps with early stage and seed investments. He said the ideas is great, blah blah blah, but if we can get a few hundred clients and a few thousand users clients he'd put the cash on the table.

We're going to launch locally in Charlotte, then move to Atlanta and others. The business has been in planning for over a year and we've worked out more details than I want to think about. We've got a good team ready to execute and have about 8 phases prepared to scale out over the next 12 months.

So right now we need some help, any help at all. I've put up our homepage on WordPress and I personally have some html and css skills but my PHP is lacking. I'm going through Lynda.com and learning but some of this stuff is a bit more technical than I can handle.

I need a plugin to use with WordPress - we're using WordPress during Phase 1 to make it easier on everyone. The plugin is basically a custom post type (restaurant menus). We also need to create tabs so users can switch to map, reviews (stream from yelp), and facebook page (stream from facebook). I need one other detail. We need help to make the design responsive. At best the homepage and menus display on mobile phones.

We need 1 last thing. Facebook login.

I know I can fumble around srewing with plugins to hack it together but I've already tried and it just doesnt cut it. I'm confident enough toknow a build like this wouldn't take very long but we're willing to compensate on the back side.