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    Social Network Project searching for volunteers

    Over the last few weeks, i have being developing a social network in:
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • AJAX
    • XHTML
    • CSS
    • jQuery
    • YUI

    About Me

    I believe that this is important in order for good team working and for communication. I have being doing XHTML, CSS, Lua for approximately 30 months. Python, jQuery and AJAX for approximately 18 months and PHP, JavaScript and YUI for 6 months. Nothing of the above doesn't necessarily mean i know it perfectly, as long as what i code does what it is meant to do then i always leave it at that, so any coding i do may need to be highly adjusted, if that makes sense.

    I am a victim of Aspergus syndrome, which affects the persons communication skills. I have had learning support since the age of 4 to the present day. However, as Bill Gates is also Aspergus, i believe in myself to make a difference to the world as he did. I am 17 years old currently studying Applied Business, Applied IT and Public Services at sixth form (located in England, West Yorkshire, Calderdale). I have a high amount of experience generally in the IT field. Over the last few weeks i have been doing voluntary work with the IT technicians doing odd jobs and WordPress for the College i attend. As my father has a great interest in steam trains i was asked to maintain a website as the previous web developer passed away in June 2011. The website was stainmore150.co.uk. This website is no longer worked on.

    Brief Overview

    Since i started coding (25th August 2011), i have become tired, stressed and confused just recently. I am in need of some help as i am only at an intermediate level with some the languages stated above. I also have a irl friend who will do a design and also has XHTML and CSS knowledge. Furthermore, my PHP knowledge is not good enough to make particular things possible that i would like to make happen.

    I require two individuals with knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, AJAX and optionally jQuery and YUI.

    I may require other individuals to help with other various things, if you can think of something that may benefit the project, please do contact me (details below).

    After November, i believe the state of the project will be at the stage when apps to be programmed to further extend the project. I will require one or two individuals to develop anything of their choice (which i approve of) in any language that you choose.

    It is a plus if you are based in the UK (even better if you are within a 1 hour drive).

    The positions will be on a voluntary basis until the project is launched. What happens after this is still to be thought about.

    The project currently is a people and task orientated democratic kind of team. Meaning that all ideas will be discussed and negotiated between the current entire team and if it is successful then great, whereas if not, then new ideas will be thought of to replace it.

    I myself believe this is the best kind of leadership for me to use.

    In a way, it is as if you have a say of how things can or will be done. I have decided not to plan ahead as much due to the kind of leadership i am using.


    j-a-c-o-b818 (skype)
    jac0b1994@live.com (msn/email) (prefer msn)

    Thank you for reading. I may be able to provide more information that i have not have provided above.

    (To the Mods, my apologies for the title, i am aware that it should have been partners rather than volunteers)
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