Name of site (and/or forum)?: Undecided

Link to forum?: Undecided

Genre?: Anything. This is more about revenue. I am offering paid hosting, a domain and my abilities, and I already have an adsense account set up. I also want to do something that involves subscriptions. Maybe a porno section with good stuff in it would work or if this were Anime we could have an episode download section that you pay a small amount for.

Forum Software?: PHPBB

Seeking?: A partner. I am looking for someone who is good with the social side of making a forum. I suck at it. You will need to be very active. You will need to have a lot of time to dedicate to the website. Since I am offering you hosting, a domain, coding knowledge, coding ability, and graphics ability, I want you to have experience at getting the forum to be active. You will be responsible for getting more admins and moderators as well as active members.

If you know how to code or do graphics that's a huge plus. Like I said, you must be active, if 3 days go by and you haven't done your job I'm going to just delete the project and forget about it.

I require proof that you have experience and also I want to see results, because I am paying for this hosting and the domain plus I can install mods and various other things. Basically I think this is a very good trade for both of us.

Paid Position?: Yes, but we have to get things rolling first. Like I said I have adsense already set up.

Why are you requesting staff?: Because I suck at the social end of making a forum. I am offering my services in exchange for yours. I'm also going to be gone for 9 weeks hopefully soon. I plan to enlist in the US Army :P

I am always extremely excited to start a new forum.