Hey coders. I've been contemplating a business idea related to resumes and work portfolios.

I believe that resume sites today are flawed, in the sense that they give a COMPANY focus, rather than a PROJECT focus. In my example as a field engineer, it does not really matter what companies I've worked for, but what matters are, the type of work and locations I have worked in. Also to note, is that “online” resume websites are essentially ONLY a corporate web portal, and the resume review work is done manually by labour behind the scenes, ie: inefficient.

Feasibility study of certain Asian markets indicate that people are willing to pay for English resumes to be written up. I believe there is a real opportunity to leverage technology to generate resumes in meaningful ways efficiently. Note that this probably would not work as a standalone product, and would probably need to be run in partnership other reputable global organizations.

Size of the specific resume market: Unknown. Revenue will be generated via a fremium model. However, the real value of this business is to be sold as a technical acquisition to complement features in existing social networking companies.

Skills needed: One or two individuals with coding skills and some understanding of semantics, with some experience in CMS and user management.

My strengths are not in code although I have some understanding, but in opening doors to any company and business development-related activities. I am looking to form a partnership. Chat more if you private IM me. I have a Google Doc documentation set up, and can allow access to results of the survey I have done.

Many thanks.