Hello, I am in need of an experienced PHP Programmer.

  • Capability to code (or manipulate existing software into) a System similar to ModDB (http://www.moddb.com/)
  • Ability to integrate system into current website design (or if existing software is used, I will theme it)

  • High interest in game design/development
  • Creative/Suggests new ideas

More about the partnership? Well, I expect this to be a 50/50 partnership. You would be just as responsible for it as I would be. Any profit earned/gained would be split 50/50.

What is this project? Take a look at ModDB (link above), and IndieDB (more or less the same website). What they lack the most is a tightly knit community, encouraging and helping with development of Indie Projects. What my web project aims to do is create a community where an Indie Developer (be it for games or applications) can post their project on the forums, create a project page, manage and submit news/media/etc for their work, and more. ModDB has a similar system to what I aim for, but they lack what I would like to bring to the table. Community. Currently, ModDB and IndieDB attract the gamers more than the developers, and I hope for the opposite with this website.

I apologize for the wall of text.

What I will be needing, and if interested we can speak on this more, is a system where a user may register, create a page for their project, manage said page, post on the forums, collect resources, learn from other developers, and connect with teammates/other developers to form a group and complete 'works' together.

Also, to attract someone more, I am willing to pay you to join this project. I am unable to pay upfront, or even a large amount, but I am willing to negotiate a number with you. Even with this payment, the partnership shall remain 50/50. I just hope you to recognize the importance of this project to myself.