Hey PHP peeps, I need a good (badass!) reliable back-end programmer to be a partner for my website. I paid a contractor to code the initial back-end, (I designed the front-end), but now I want to take it a step further and add new features, enhancements, etc... so I need someone who has enough free time. There is no pay right now, but we can negotiate a certain % for the ownership of the website and when it starts generating revenue you'd have consistent pay. But again, I need someone that can be dedicated to the project and someone innovative, hopefully young (since I am), and in the US. If you're interested, let me know and I'll PM you the website URL. I am a full time web designer and going to school for Graphic Design, so if you're a student majoring in Comp Sci or something similar, that works too.

The website provides a free service to users by generating a monthly lunch schedule for them. Basically, a user registers an account, specifies his height, weight, gender, goals (lose, maintain, gain weight), and exercise (low, mid, high), and the website uses a mathematical formula to dump the user into one of the 8 calorie groups. It then generates a lunch schedule for the user for the entire month.

The website is http://www.nutrilizer.com, feel free to register an account and poke around in there to see it in action.

Also, perhaps we could apply for Y Combinator when the website is more mature and has more promise.