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    [hard-sell request] Voluntary web developers willing to join a webapp project

    1) Project Details:
    I'll start right away with this:
    The issue is, bluntly, I can not offer any payment until the project we're working on makes a decent profit. I know, that's a very hard sell.

    The project is about meeting new people through an interactive web application. The basic purpose can be compared to website such as Omegle and ChatRoulette, though the application I have in mind is far more advanced and interactive than those two, or similar, web applications.

    Basically, online users are displayed on a map of the world at their actual location, though completely anonymously. You do know where people are, but you don't know who they are. You can start a conversation, and/or use one of the multiple other features available.

    This screenshot displays 1 marker, which represents yourself. In the final application, the map will be filled with markers representing people from all over the world. Of course, a user interface will be present at the time.

    The website will be created using PHP (Symfony OR Code Igniter framework), JavaScript/AJAX (with jQuery), HTML(5) and CSS.
    The map will function using OpenLayers.

    I don't mind age, sex, religion, or where you have worked before. If you're a serious scripter, graphic artist or an innovative person in general, and you feel like you can contribute to the project, your help is welcome!

    People who are interested can request more information, just shoot me an e-mail (niels.simenon@gmail.com). I deliberately do not post the entire concept online, I don't want it to be snitched of course.

    Thank you in advance!

    2) Payment details:
    Voluntary contribution.
    I am not promising '50% ownership' or anything likely, as I am convinced that such management division will quickly fail.
    You'll get a fair cut of the profit based on your contributions, and the significance of your contributions.
    I am perfectly aware about how unattractive this is.

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    I offer another option: Take your solid bullet proof business plan* to Angle Investors in your area and get some seed money to fund your start-up. You will then be able to hire some competent professional developers to make your dream a reality.

    (*requires a solid bullet proof business plan)


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