I hope this is the right place to post this, or I wasted the entire past half hour.

I'm a Mac fan. I don't even have a Mac, but I love them. Their UI is just amazingly appropriate in almost every way. That's how I suddenly came up with the idea behind Phinder. If the Mac UI is so beautiful, why not make it online? There's the Web File Explorer, but it's Windows-like. And it's not free. So I set out to make my own, and what I came up with is Phinder.

So far it's not much more than a file list, but that's got as much of the look and feel of Apple's Finder as I could put in so far. You can navigate the file system with either your keyboard or your mouse (Ctrl/Cmd+Up/Down to open a folder/go up a folder, and arrow keys to select), and it lists files in Details format. Next I'll probably be working adding toggle buttons to folders to view them without reloading the entire file list. Here are some of what I like about it:
  • It's all one file. That includes images, scripts, everything. So installation is pretty much instant
  • It's AJAX-driven. No need to refresh, no weird URL extensions
  • It's compatible. As it is, it works exactly the same in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and (for once) IE 8 and above. Not sure about the server-side stuff, but it should work in all versions of PHP 5 and probably 4
  • Customized restrictions. Stick in your regex in the config area at the top, and it'll hide the files that match. By default it's set to #^\. (system files and ./..). It's really basic, but I'm going to add more permissions stuff later
The reason I'm looking for collaborators is because I have several other projects I'm juggling (as well as things I actually should be doing). And since I haven't really made anything that would make it a file manager anyone wouuld use, I guess this is within the rules. The SourceForge project (since this is open-source) is located at http://phinder.clrhome.tk/, and a live demo is up at http://clrhome.tk/b/file/. (I probably shouldn't leave that public. Oh well.)

And since this is my first post here, I might as well introduce myself.

I'm Deep Thought, a web designer and calculator programmer (calculators, since that's how I found my way into coding). I've been around on calculator-related forums like Omnimaga, Cemetech, and RevSoft for some years now; CodingForum is the first forum outside the calculator community that I've joined and plan to stick to. (Well, there were a few help forums for specific software like AjaXplorer, but I don't think those count.)

As you can probably tell, clrhome.tk is my website, where I post all sorts of random scripts, resources, and projects that have anything to do with calculators. I've been expanding a bit lately in the platforms I code for (apparently not everyone spends most of their life on a calculator), and that's how I really got into web development. The most recent apps/designs I've turned out are these, starting from the most recent:Each one of these I designed and coded myself thanks to a mild fear of content management systems :-|