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    PHP/MySQL coder looking for a partner

    Hello all,

    I've been developing PHP & MySQL applications for about ten years now. I started when I was only fourteen years old and have enjoyed every second of keyboard time that I've put in.

    I've recently released an online browser based MMO coded in PHP/MySQL and am currently working on a very small second project. I'm looking for someone, or someone(s), that are wanting to create other browser based MMO games. I'd like to expand my personal 'MMO' online business and portfolio to include other programmers as well as many different games, however the scope of work involved is just too much for one person to handle part-time.

    I'm not looking to get twenty games up and running by the beginning of next year, just wanting to take things slow and develop the games to full functionality on our own time and as we can. There are no deadlines, requirements, or any other sort of overhead that would cause any projects to lack in design and progression.

    If you're a PHP/MySQL programmer, designer or have experience in other programming aspects, I'm interested in talking to you.


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    Hey Ricky,

    I would love to talk to you about collaboration.

    I myself am quite a young student from Norway, but I find my knowledge in PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS as well as other programming languages has been increasing drastically in the past few years.

    I have a lot of time on my hands and I am willing to learn a lot more.

    I have good work experience and have been working together with many various clients in the past year.

    I would love to talk about this further with you so please contact me through any of the methods below:
    Skype: andodo007
    MSN/E-mail: anton_abilov@hotmail.com
    Google Talk: aban0809@gmail.com

    Thanks for your attention and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you,


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    I am PHP programmer with over 4 years of experience in gaming technology I believe I could assist you in your project. If you are still looking for someone to join you then email me at libertysridhar@gmail.com

    Good Luck on your Project. Thanks.

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    I'm a senior at the Rutgers School of Business in New Jersey. I specialize in online marketing, marketing design, and management.

    I could help you design games toward your target audience, market them, create publicity for your company, and help with administrative tasks.

    I'd be willing to work in exchange for your PHP and MySQL skills (small updates to my website), as well as a small stake in the company.

    email me at ERBoH@ERBoH.com if your interested in hiring me.


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