This is Ananthan from Techpark Solutions. We are a software development company.

We are looking for marketing partner.

We developed following product's,

1. SmartBillPOS (Restaurant and Hotels)

SmartBill POS Management Suite is a comprehensive integrated centralized system based on Java Technology from Sun Microsystems .Having SmartBill POS Management Software in-place will allow the management to easily focus on the procedures of the system and improve their business progress levels further.

2. EduSoftERP (Educational management system)

Education system outlines the backbone of every nation. Technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education. Exploring the technological approach to education,streamlining education process and spiraling acquaintance amongst students,staff,parents and management becomes essential for today's fast growing educational environment.

3. Optical POS (web based application)

We need marketing person for all the countries to sale our product in profit share base...

You may please contact me at ananthan@techparksolutions.com (or) Skype: ananthtps