The Sims Online Was (Sadly) Closed Down In 2008. Now Were Bringing It Back!

TSO Restoration is an non-profit organization to bring back The Sims Online!
A game greatly loved (And now missed) by thousands of people.

TSO Restoration can be found at:
It is a thriving community with over 3000 members.

Here Is The Full List Of What We Are Looking For:

1) C# and/or C++ Programming Experience.
2) Experienced with OpenGL and/or XNA + Direct X.
3) Experienced with Isometric Game Engines.
4) 3D Modeling/Conversion between 3D Model Formats.
5) Reverse-Engineering, Packet Decryption, and Research.
6) Rendering of Graphics/Animations.
7) Knowledge of Win32 API's (WinSock or GDI, anyone?) etc.
8) 3D Math Experience (Geometry, Calculus, Etc.)
9) Good student, willing to learn what we need you to work on.

To become a developer register for an account at:
Or E-mail me direct at:

Thanks For Reading And We Hope You Consider Joining This Great Project. Don't Forget To Spread The Word!