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    "Same thing we do every night Pinky..."


    If thatís not ambition I donít know what is.. but anyway please allow me to introduce myself as an Irish voyager who happens to be 22 years into this current perception of the journey.

    Well anyway, my insights have led me to believe I have a worthwhile idea or two as to how to go one better than Google or Groupon with the whole collaborative business and mobile web thing. I may be full of Sh*t or I may not be... twill be up to yourself to decide if and when you meet me.

    For now I am looking for interested persons, with not just ambition but the hunger required to take an idea from scratch and build it into something beautiful and meaningful.

    Apart from the obvious knowledge and qualifications relating to you've guessed it, computer science, Ambition and Hunger are yet again the keywords of the day.

    Experience with previous start-ups would be highly desirable, in other words someone who has a f**king idea what they are doing when it comes to computers and programming product from scratch.

    I would ask for Bill Gates or someone with experience as a technological world leader, preferably a God of somekind that can wave magic wands but usually these quarries result in little positive response. So the stuff mentioned above will do. Should it come down to it, I'll evaluate your potential as a business partner over a few beers. as your mother would say "I dont just go to bed with any old thing"


    A start up without as much as a name but a wild idea to take over the world just like all the others.

    In good time and fortune however, it will with the right guidance emerge from the abysses into something rather fruitful.

    Think ecommerce, mobile web devices and little old grandmothers with a desire for discounts and bargains. With the service we will build for them, they will provide many a wet dream for the florist and cafe shop owners around their town. Your thinking Groupon, but I say better.

    If you think that I am just an idiot, please go back to browsing other the jobs and contemplating the idea of the next time you get chance to go at yourself in the shower. In other words go F**K yourself till the end of days.

    If however you think I may be on to something, time will tell. The question for you my good friend is if I am worth picking up the phone to. A life changing decision... perhaps.

    Everybody needs good neighbours" as the good old aussie sitcom would say... Just how good are they is what I'm asking. lol

    Good luck and hope to hear from you..

    Add me on

    The Commander
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