And potentially RICH!

Hi guys - i'm James, one of the co-founders of a new concept site.

We've done 90% of the project, and outsourced it to a company in Belarus. They suck! About as creative as a genital wort. The project (we hope) is going to be MASSIVE! We're in the process of meeting investors (my partner and i have put in over $100k (USD) to the project) and we're about to launch live.

The site is basically made up of Ruby on Rails, HTML, and SQL - so if you know them, you're our man / woman! We also want to go in the mobile app route, and continue to develop our API.

We can pay you, so please send through your rates.. or we can discuss a longer-term partnership where we release some company equity your way. The idea is new, but explosive! We have a VC fund currently mentoring us, we have Brand consultants in the US giving us free work (for a piece of the pie), even a London-Based CEO talking to other corporates about us. All looking good.

So, if you want in - please get in touch. You've got to be good to work with - my partner & I are very easy going, but our Customers are always number 1 and nothing comes in the way. If you think the same as us, we'd love to hear from you.

ENGLISH MUST be your first language. We've learnt a lot of lessons outsourcing to Belarus.


Cheers - James.