I'm seeking someone who can program to be a co-owner for the above mentioned site. Everything you need to know is on the Project Proposal page. Naturally, I'll be getting a decent domain instead of leaving it to be hosted on Webs, but for now it's small preview can be seen there. (Yes, it uses tables. The utter horror.)

I'm not too shabby with HTML/CSS, but I'm not great at it either. As you can see from the proposal, this site will require a lot more than what I know. (I assume PHP/Java/etc. will be needed.)

What can you expect for payment? 50% of any profits the site makes while you are its coder. If you decide to quit before your minimum payment comes through profits (I'm thinking $3000 would be minimum but we could discuss that.) then you'd receive up to your minimum and nothing more, if you stuck around you'd continue to receive payment past that.

After the site requirements are coded, if you stick around you'd just have to code in a small event every now and then. (Or if you so wanted, poke around as admin.)

I hope my above paragraphs made sense and look forward to receiving any private messages. If you have any questions feel free to ask.