My company is looking for an experienced Php/MySQL programmer for our 4 games that are already fully functional on the FB Platform. We are looking for someone that is experienced in PHP/MySQL as that is what our games are based under. It would help if you new Flash/Java (for future projects) as well but it's not totally necessary. You must have some experience on the Facebook Platform.

We are looking for someone that is not looking for a one time creation of a game but more along the lines of a permanent coding career to join our team under our company as an EQUAL partner and thus reap the monetary rewards he/she can help us make. We are looking for someone to not only work with the existing code and thus games, but also someone who can help take our game/s to the next level by adding new features and also for all future projects we could create together.

We are mostly based out of Canada but have worked with partners outside of our county. We are looking for a full time commitment. Basically, the more features you help us to create and the more hype and popularity you help create = more money for the games = more money in YOUR pocket and ours. Is this something that would interest you? Please be advised that we have been on the FB platform for more then a year. We have a nice user base already and are also making (small) monthly profits to share with a 3rd partner. (you)

I have provided links to all 4 of our current games so you can see that we already have a half decent user base.


Kelly Clayton