Rawrcade is currently looking for web designers/developers to aid in the immediate creation/mangement of various browser-based game projects.

Initially unpaid, the project will include profit or revenue sharing.

Applicant should have a firm understanding of browser-based games and be skilled in their respective fields...the majority of our projects will require PHP/SQL knowledge.

Our "main focus" is a browser-based monster training MMO called Monster Reams (http://monsterrealms.com)

Please contact me via any of the following:
Email: nicholas.mcmillen [at] gmail . com
MSN: puttinontheritz@live.com
Skype: puttinonntheritzz

Please, if you're not dedicated/serious don't waste either of our time. I've spent more time sorting through/dealing with flaky folks than I have working on the project. :P