I'm the happy owner of a nice cultural-oriented online magazine. The project, which is at its beginning, consists in publishing interviews of people involved in different cultural/artistic fields. Some are rising stars, some are big names.

I'd love to collaborate with people on this magazine project.

So if you are interested in taking part to a cultural online magazine, you can PM me, and I'll tell you more about it (link to the website, names of the guests etc.). English is not my first language, so my first need would be to have someone proofread the interviews before they are published. I am using Wordpress, so if you like to do some publishing/cp work, then you're welcome. If SEO is your thing, you're welcome too. If you're Social Network knowledgeable, well, you're welcome too. If you like to plan things out, schedule stuff, you're needed too.

In terms of time-investment, you can give a couple of minutes here and there, or be more involved in the project (which won't take you more than about an hour a week).

I should just add that there is no money involved (no ads) in my projects, which implies that I won't offer you money. However, being located in Switzerland, I'm in the custom of sending good chocolate to the people I collaborate with.