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    Exclamation PHP coder/partner for a niche inside opportunity!

    codingforums.com PHP programming partner needed ad


    I am posting this to you from Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I have an opportunity to share with a programmer who will see the value and potential for this opportunity.

    I have the chance to have sold for us to a little over 18,000 marketers a digital download / membership / affiliate script for a relatively new payment possessor.

    The client is an affiliate marketing guru and has made several million since 1997. He has a huge down line and their down line is even bigger. His top level down line is around 18,000 affiliates marketing various digital and real world products and "wealth systems". This guy is an old High school boyfriend of my mothers and he has agreed to her to allow me the chance to provide a solution. You gotta love moms :-)

    He has had issues with clickbank and now PayPal.
    Many of his members have suspended PayPal accounts and new affiliates are increasingly having issues with PayPal when they discover that they are part of this network. Hi products are solid but he cannot control the actions of all of those in his network and some of them over the years have trashed the name/s with PayPal in specific.

    He intends to move his top line over to a new payment possessor. It is similar to PayPal and he will be making his money from royalties from a percentage of all the transactions that his down-line creates. We would get to keep the earnings from the sale of the new script. That is what he has agreed to thanks to my mother :-)

    The one stipulation he has is that we cannot sell it for more than $67.00 - $97.00 to his people. All others though we can price it at what we would like (I am thinking 149.00 - 199.00 range) One of the things that he needs though is a quick solid solution for a digital download / membership manger script with affiliate support to be in concert with his announcements to his down-line that they MUST switch payment possessors or loose their positions in his MLM's sales matrix! So THEY WILL by and large switch over to the new processor under him, this guy sure knows how to make money! when he spoke he said that he thinks he will have a very low drop off rate due to the change and quite honestly most will have no choice.

    The good news is that this would not be so hard to produce the script. There is a set of ready to go IPN's and API's. We would not have to reinvent the wheel. Ideally the script should be able to integrate with wordpress as a plugin. But that is not absolutely mandatory it would just open up our chances to sell it that much more.

    There are several open source scripts that could be used as the initial frame work - We could discuss the approach and what to use, if you have an idea already great we are more than half way there.

    The offer is this.

    I will give you 30% of the sale for the first 5000 sales. If we offer the script @ $67.00 USD you will be making $19.035 / sale after the payment processing fees are deducted from the sale. That would mean $95,175.00 for your efforts! Plus there will be a the opportunity for the after market technical support (or not) I would handle the sales support and fielding the initial post sales installation questions. As well if you have a product or service that you want to market to ALL the customers even beyond the first 5000 I would open up the customer profiles to you to do so. I hope that you would in kind make me and affiliate for it but it is not necessary :-)

    The great thing about this is you know you will get paid for every sale because you will be the affiliate that is listed as the refer for the first 5000 sales. The payment processor handles your commission payouts! So we both have "clean hands" when it comes to the payments - It is a fair and equitable proposal and solution for us both.

    I am not a programmer - and he knows this, but I told him that I could get a developer / team and manage the project. As soon as we can produce a working script that we can table the better.

    I am not sure about the vetting process but I am open to all replies. The key is rapid delivery.

    I hope that there is someone/s out there that are ready to get on board. We are so close, and I think an opportunity like this comes only ever so often. I look forward to hearing from you and making this happen for us.

    With regards,

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