Well I can't say much about it without you signing a non-disclosure form. I've gone over it with one of my good friends who used to be the head of marketing for AOL and have met with him for hours and hours until it was perfect.

Long story short, we are talking about the most profitable market online and that is non other than the adult market. We plan to offer a site that will blow away competitors. The site will be based on the MediaXXXScript found at mediaxxxscript.com.

If you are not absurdly geeky in languages such as Ajax, PHP, Perl, Video streaming, etc., don't apply. I expect you to be a geek like me except for I am a geek in that all I do is read and write and write and brainstorm business ideas. I'm used to selling my ideas or being hired to turn a regular idea into a million dollar one but I know this is one that is a keeper.

If you don't know how to put an algorithm into use to filter search results for the website, forget it. This is one of the huge keys since most of the site comes pre-built.

Or competitor makes anywhere from $25,000-85,000 a day.
I expect us to be making at least four digits the within 6 months and 5 digits within 12.

The business plan is very elaborate because the site isn't just one site. It is an entire network of sites. There will only be one central site. The rest will be blog like sites. So 90% of the work will be on MediaXXXScript.

Now if you'd like to hear more, I'd be glad to speak with you through PM, ICQ, email, etc. etc.. I will be filtering through the applicants for who I think would work best. Please contact me with why you think you are perfect.

Thank you for your time,

ICQ: 616116324
AIM: mxr657