Hi everybody.
I'm about to launch a new music web site on which i plan to sell beats and instrumentals online.A phpBB-version forum is already installed.I developped the site on my own.I'm not a regular coder but a resourceful one.Before i launch it i would like to collab with coders,graphic designers,moderators, and admins to help me run this website in the right and professional way.Because I shall probably not have a chance to give it my full attention quite yet, due to some other projects and music production.I'd like also someone with a great attitude, keen on music,who is willing to possibly help promote the site via social networking, forums and/or forum signatures this is not a requirement,just helpful.But i assume no pay at this time because my business is not effective yet.Otherwise a small monthly payment would be out.If interested just PM me or email at "costaryan at gmail dot com".