Good morning,

I am a very experienced internet marketer with widespread knowledge of marketing online. I have a fantastic tool in mind that could alter (read revolutionise) the way in which my peers go about their business.

Knowing the business as I do, I have no doubt about the ability of this tool and the demand it will create. All I need is the person to create the tool.

This is a long-term project and income will still be flowing in years down the line. All profit is to be split 50/50 and once the tool is built, I will do the rest (other than the occasional update if the market demands it). This might also be your chance to get a good grip on how internet marketing works, and how internet marketers make their money.

I do have a demo of the tool I would like to replicate and enhance so that can be used as a decent starting block.

Time is of the essence on this project and I would like to start work on it with immediate effect. Feel free to ask any questions.