I'm looking for someone to partner with me for my site CodingAgent.com preferably someone who is good in php.

I recently paid $300 for the php work which isn't great and I'm not happy with it. So I need help with fixing some things such as security holes, cleaning up and some style issues.

How will this site work?
CodingAgent makes money differently, like most freelancing sites you have to pay monthly fees or an entry fee every time which is a hassle. So I created the bid point system which allows you to buy bid points directly through paypal. Bid points allow you to bid on projects, the bigger the project the more bid points it costs to enter that project.

What have I done?
bought domain
bought unique php system that only needs cleaning up and minor changes
bought paid hosting if need more space or bandwidth ready to get a dedicated server
Designed template

What will you have to do?
Help fix php system and help maintain site.

Whats in it for me?
We share profits from site.