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    Please help - Team Needed

    Hello, please don't consider this as Advertising, thanks, no links are in this post.

    Hello, I am looking for people to help me code a forum just like runescapes offical forum, it won't be a cheating forum. It will be just like Sosolid2ks forum, a good forum.

    I have the source and everything, I just need someone to help me code a runescape forum looking exactly like the offical runescape forum. I no some coding.

    So if anyones up for me, please pm me. Or email me at: bucky5266@yahoo.com

    I am looking for a team to complete this project! All members of the team will be part of the staff once the forums are up. Once you are accepted on the team, I will link you to the managing website, only staff may be allowed in.


    I am currently talking to Jagex about this.


    Their is no money involved, I don't have enough money. Also, the website that has the forum us: http://forum.runescape.com/forums.ws
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