For almost a year the Ameliorate Group has been working on a project which will change the way people look at the recruitment industry and its use. We plan to make the recruitment and hiring process cheaper, faster and opening the service to a wider market.

The planning has come to an end, and execution is about to start.

We are already have a database of over 15,000 UK candidates looking for work through our services. Small to medium sized agencies usually serve around 500 candidates on average, so we are quite big in that sense. We are also currently in talk with the market leaders and Government agencies to increase our database. This talks are likely to be closed in deals as the offer would be in their favour even if the partnerships are worth millions to us. However it will make us the biggest recruitment agency in the UK at least in terms of candidates.

Our website was meant to be up and live before the new year. However our web developer has been out of reach for the last two weeks; leaving us no choice but to move on without him.

We already have a number of other interested parties who would like to pick up our ex developers post and become a shareholder in the Ameliorate Recruitment Ltd, but we haven't found someone good enough yet.

If you are interested please send your portfolio to the following email address:

Thanks in Advance

Kind regards,

Chief Marketing Officer,

Ameliorate Recruitment Ltd,

An Ameliorate Group company