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    Lightbulb WebOS Project seeking for developers


    I'm on a project of "yet another WebOS on the market" and I'm looking for motivated developers/designers.
    The project is well ahead, base direction are set. What I would need is great ideas and motivated coders to consolidate the core,
    and solve high end problems about WebOS'es in general. Here is a quick presentation of the technologies involved and key features:
    - Using Google's Protocol Buffers for internal data
    - Using mootools 1.2 as a base
    - Fully Open Source Software, see below
    - Framework oriented project, so it would be easy to create applications for the OS. (GUI, Windows, Widgets, ...)
    - Modular, load and install application easily
    - Multiuser based (need security work)
    - Bazaar as the VCS, Launchpad as the developement platform
    - Server side is currently in PHP, but this is not the main part of the project. So it's possible to migrate to Python.
    - Using the Apple's work on Human Interface to create the best user experience possible (lot of work here)

    The future of the project has to be made, I like the idea of Cloud Computing, and that's the point of Python. At the moment, it's all about the user interface, but the control over the server behind would be very important, and that could be your mission if you are interested.

    I'm looking for designers too. Actually, it's quite ready to create some "themes" by just creating an other "default theme". It's all made from the begining to have theme. Any help welcome on that, even just a pure image model, or a complete CSS/XHTML theme. I already have a logo designer, you can contact him if you are interested.

    The project is FULLY open source, and even more, the core is under the Public Domain.

    Enough talk, for more information, you can go to:
    main site: http://takos.info
    developement: https://launchpad.net/takos
    contact me: https://launchpad.net/~jbaubort

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Amicably, JBA

    PS: Thanks to the moderator moving my post in the right section
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