Hey Guys,
I want to start a new project similar to the VCDDB project but with some differences.

On top of the global movie collection I want to add a desktop client to the users that will crawl and collect movies and paths and other related info on the clients PC,
and maybe latter add options to combine the client with some kind of a media center software for ease of use, such as direct click-and-watch.

I'm looking for at least two more members to join the project so the project will be updated regularly and once a year or so...

The requirements are at least a fair knowledge of PHP, newbies are fine as long as your up for the challenge, javascript, html, and CSS are a good plus.
the desktop client could be written in PHP-GTK but I think it would be smarter to use Delphi or C# or something similar, so someone with those skills would be pretty useful for the project.

As for my knowledge, I'm working as a full time PHP and front-end (JS/HTML/CSS) developer, but no real skills in lower languages (Delphi/C# and alike).
I'm a good with working in a team, and this project is both for personal use after its done, and developing myself further...

If you are interested, you can reach me here, by email (eli@elis.ws) or by MSN (eli@k.co.il).