Hi i "am" a coder(age 20) in a few different languages php, sql, xhtml, css, vb6, vb.net and can only do so much graphically. My SEO techniques are up to scratch. I have a had a good idea(imo) for one of these web games for a while.

I read through some of these posts before posting myself to get an idea of what to explain and noticed that games aren't getting welcomed to kindly.
No, this isn't a mafia game.

Different concepts have been noted down, and I wrote quite a few notes in total.

I have already started on this a while ago but it got no further than a registration page, a site design, ideas for the game etc.

I work full time so i haven't had the time i want to complete it. I'm looking for someone that is like minded, and is experienced in php/mysql and artistic would be a bonus.

My work times are 9-5 mon-fri in UK time. I do not mind where the partner is from aslong as we can both understand each other. If this project did go anywhere i would expect us to come to an agreement of what we earn each. Depending on the work put in from either side.

You can reach me on msn "spencer at neoxios.com" for now or pm me on these forums and I'll tell you more about the concept of the game(mafia bosses etc, joke).