All right- I understand that the wording to the title of this post was a little bit vague, but I couldn't quite grasp a better way to explain it in a few words. Here I go, though.

At the moment, myself and several others are currently involved in a project to build a text-based-game. If any users of this forum are familiar with the genre (called MUDs), that's great. We're working with an open-source codebase called "RoM 2.4 Beta-6." The reason for which I have posted is very simple- I am the head coder of this project and I am currently looking for other interested parties to help me. Knowledge of the specific codebase isn't necessary, nor is knowledge of the text-based-game genre- however, it is written in C, and therefore knowledge of the coding language is. Once the game opens for Alpha testing, there will be a significant number of staff positions available and any developers will be automatically entitled to one of them if they stay with the project until then.

In addition, however, the positions are on a solely volunteer basis- we have very limited funds and aren't capable of paying coders. If any one here has a question, please feel free to contact me at Carrillo129 (AIM address)- my name is Oliver, and I would be more than willing to speak with anyone- or through a personal message over the forums. I probably didn't cover enough of what I should have, but please feel free to ask (again, with either a post, a PM, or a hit on my IM client).

Thank you, readers, for your time.